My Childhood & First day of my school

                                                            My 1st day at “Swarna English Academy”

In the core of my heart still I have preserved a faint memory of the first day of my school. I was holding hands of my dad and brought to the school. My journey started in this school from class I. On entering my class I felt a little relaxed seeing a beautiful lady smiling at me. She was my Principal Ma’am Mrs. Lakshmi Deka.

She was so loving and caring that the feeling of fear of coming to the new school vanished.

Day by day the school & all the teachers become familiar to me.

My Sweetest Mom (B.Jayalaxmi) or My Loving Dad (B.Naidu) regularly comes to accompany me to the school.

Slowly I started growing and liking the ambience of our school “Swarna English academy-Maligaon”.

My merits & nature made the teachers to be happy & loving with me.

The school priovided lots of activities,competition & opportunites such as Yoga,PT,Games,Handicrafts etc to develop each & every student to the best of his/her ability.

We went for a picnic party along with our teachers to Balaji & Basishta…It was my 1st picnic of my life with my friends & teachers..

We have enjoyed the day as much as we can…

All the teacher of our school helped me to learn every new things and lesson..They cleared all over my doubts.

and mostly I liked Mitra ma’am who taught me english very well and gave the surity to speak english well as much as I can.

I am very grateful to all the teachers.

I studied here for seven memorable years (I-VII).

Here,all these years of my school life, I have made many friends such as K.Govind,Puja sharma, sumit mandal,R.Shiva, Ch.Ravi etc etc and they have helped me a lot in my academics. Many a time I used to fight with my friends and then again patch-up with them. As, I think that everything is fair in friendship. In my life I am gifted with excellent class teachers and subject teachers. They always help me to cope with my notes whenever I was absent or fell ill. As a student I always admired my teachers and always tried to imitate them. I have experience many things in this school. I still remember good memories, bad memories, mistakes, lessons, happiness, misfortune, joy, drama, and most importantly, fun.

I am very pleasurable to all my sweet & cute friends who make me fell their presence and my made my life more pleasant.

Thank you soooo much friend..

Love u & miss u all.                                                                              

                                                                                           “Now its 2008..A turning point of my life”.

In this year we shifted to a new Home at “Pandu Restcamp” by leaving my childhood place “West Gotanagar”…

Due to some problems my parents could not Joined me in that school..and due to late admission I could get a chance  to study there..and so unfortunately I have Joined “Hindi Vidya Mandir High School-Pandu”.

It is a Hindi medium school..yet its a famous school with full of Prosperity and discipline.

I entered the school with my Mom in a new look.I was afraid of the environment and the teacher at first..When i entered the school I saw a Fat & fearful teacher…He was our Head Master Roy Sir!

He made me confident and made me to feel secured in the school…Day by day I  felt secured,fearless and full of confidence.

I find there most loveable & memorable friends of my life…Best of Them are- K.Shiva, A.Ravi, Saroj kr Mandal, Kundan Prasad,Vishal Kr. Prasad, Bishal Prasad, Rahul Prasad,Meera Kri,Abeda Khaaton & Mostly “Preeti Jha” & etc etc. Who made my life more beautiful and memorable.

They all helped me very much to learn Hindi.As I was very very poor in Hindi (MIL).

They made memore confident to learn Hindi very easily.

We were very closed to each other..We shared each others Joy & Sorrows.
We have the most beautiful Phases of Our Lives..

All the techers are very sweet & lovable to me.As they taught me the Lesson Of Life on Taught me what the real Life is.

they all helped me a lot & cleared all the doubts in  Maths, Science, SSD,Hindi Etc.

The teachers well knowned to me are- Roy sir (English), (Abhijeet & Iswar sir-Maths), Neelima miss (Science), Kiya Madam (Social science), Chitra & Surbhi ma’am (English) & Manorama miss (History, who later became Principal), & Janaki Miss (Hindi),She had became my close friend also.

I am very grateful to all my teacher & Friends who helped me a lot!!!!
Finally I was in class X. The final year of this school…We all friends became more more & more close & Eco-friendly in this period of life..No one can break our great Bond of friendship..We enjoyed a lot in this year and felt what the real friendship is!!
Now we were preparing very well for H.S.L.C Examination.

We enjoyed a lot in the Teachers day as well as in The Saraswati Puja..We decorated & oraganised very well in both the beatiful occasoins.Hence every teachers liked it a lot and Praised our sense of Humour.

Some of us were participated in Dance,Singing Dramas, Jokes etc in the teachers day..we enjoyed over all with our hearts.

I sang two songs, one with K.Shiva & other with the Best student of our class “Preeti jha” with Bishal.

Its a great achievement for me at that time,..As I was dreaming to sang a song with Preeti Jha.

Over all..its the time to bade the School “Good Bye”

Its our farewell day on 18-Feb-2012.

All of us wore a sad look…We get some repectful speach & bade  letter by our Junior students.

After some programmes we used to give a  speech with respect to our School & teachers.In the ending all of us gave salutation to our teachers & took their blessings.

This was very sad moment for all of us.

From the people of this school I learned the value of hard work, dedication, discipline, and the importance of friends. My parents have many dreams for me. They want to see me as a good and responsible citizen. I need to fulfill my parents dream and for taking a step forward towards the dream this school has helped me a lot.

I am leaving this school as a girl who is mature, outgoing, and very sure of herself. If this school has taught me anything it is that we should always have confidence in ourselves. If we believe in ourselves, I believe that we can achieve anything we want in life, good things will happen to us. I am feeling bad that I am leaving this wonderful school but at the same time I am very excited to step into the real world. I am excited to join new colleges and study more and gain more knowledge as much as I can. These eight years in this school has been an overall life changing experience that I will never forget.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank Principle Sir, teachers and all my friends whosoever directly or indirectly supported and helped me. I know that I have been a bit tough with my juniors and my friends while I was doing the duty of a discipline member. I am really very SORRY, if I have ever hurt you all. I hope that you will forgive me for the rudeness which I have shown. Well, BEST OF LUCK to you all for the coming future. And always remember that “HOPE FOR THE BEST”.

Thank You!

“I love u a lottttttttttttt Friends, I Miss u a lotttt” 😦



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